Although not always symptomatic, a herniated disc can be the source of debilitating pain and other complications in some patients. Other names for this spine condition include slipped disc, bulging disc, or ruptured disc, but they all fundamentally refer to the same thing. This is a condition in which the outer layer of the soft discs between the spinal vertebrae have cracked or broken down, allowing the gel-like core to bulge out and protrude into the spinal canal. The resulting compression of the spinal cord or nerve roots is responsible for the adverse symptoms.

The most common symptoms of a herniated disc include pain (often in the limbs or buttocks), sciatica, tingling and numbness, muscle weakness, and bowel or bladder problems. Fortunately, there is help for those suffering from this condition. The Disc Replacement Center of Excellence specializes in cutting-edge herniated disc treatment. Los Angeles back surgeons are here to help you heal. Simply contact us today at 888.309.2848, or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

Ice, Heat, and Rest

One of the first herniated disc treatments you’ll likely try is resting and applying ice or heat to the injury. Ice and heat can help relieve the pain of the slipped disc while also reducing symptoms such as back spasm. Sometimes, certain activities or movements can exasperate the symptoms. Resting your back will ensure you avoid the activities that aggravate painful symptoms.

Physical Therapy

Another option is using physical therapy for herniated disc treatment. Los Angeles contains a wide range of reputable and highly qualified physical therapists who can help patients with herniated discs strengthen the lumbar spine muscles. While this treatment won’t directly affect the herniated disc itself, stronger muscles can help stabilize the spine and decrease the load on the intervertebral discs.

Oral Medication

Several types of oral medications can be used in herniated disc treatment. Some of the most commonly prescribed are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs). These medications are designed to reduce the inflammation that puts pressure on the spinal nerves. In addition to NSAIDs, oral steroids may also be prescribed to reduce swelling and compression around the site of the herniated disc. Other medications that may be used include pain medications and muscle relaxers. Muscle relaxers can be helpful in reducing or preventing the muscle spasms that often occur with spinal disc herniation.

Steroid Injections

In addition to oral steroids, steroid injections may be used to directly treat the swelling that is putting pressure on spinal nerves. The result is the same as oral steroids, but the use of injections allows for a more targeted delivery.


For many people, the only way to achieve total pain relief is through herniated disc surgery. This procedure is done to excise the damaged disc and relieve any pressure it has placed on the nerves. This process is called a discectomy. As part of the discectomy your surgeon will either fuse the remaining two vertebrae together to inhibit future movement, or the doctor will implant an artificial disc as a replacement.

Herniated Disc Treatment Los Angeles

Containing some of the best medical facilities for herniated disc treatment, Los Angeles is an ideal location to undergo surgery for back pain. And at the Disc Replacement Center of Excellence, we offer access to some of the top surgery facilities and doctors in the country. To learn more about herniated disc treatment or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.