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Top 5 Herniated Disc Treatments

Although not always symptomatic, a herniated disc can be the source of debilitating pain and other complications in some patients. Other names for this spine condition include slipped disc, bulging disc, or ruptured disc, but they all fundamentally refer to the same thing. This is a condition in which the outer layer of the soft 
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Artificial Disc Replacement for Athletes

Athletes put their bodies through more than the average person. Whether it’s on the football field, running a race, or anywhere in between, they need to get the most out of their physical ability at all times. In the past, however, a damaged spinal disc could mark the end of peak performance. In addition to 
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The Link Between Back Pain and Depression

Anyone who has experienced chronic pain knows that it’s more than just a physical sensation. Its effects go beyond the body to influence mood, thought, and behavior. In fact, an estimated 50% of chronic pain sufferers also experience depression. The causes for this are varied. For some people, it comes from a loss of interest 
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